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SUG Scholarships 2024 Announced to Study in South Korea

Sejong University Graduate SUG Scholarships In South Korea
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Are you aspiring to pursue your higher education in South Korea? Sejong University beckons with its prestigious Graduate SUG Scholarships for the year 2024, offering an opportunity for international students to realize their academic dreams. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and applying for these SUG Scholarships.

It is a golden opportunity for international students to study in South Korea and complete their studies on 100% fully funded Scholarships, South Korea gives luxury life to students and a best place for higher education.

Understanding Sejong University Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship Description

Sejong University Graduate Scholarships in South Korea 2024 is open for International Students. These SUG Scholarships encompass Masters and PhD level programs across various fields taught at Sejong University. The deadline for application submission is 09th May 2024.

Degree Level

SUG Scholarships cater to both Masters and PhD level programs offered at the university.

Available Subjects

The scholarship program encompasses a wide array of subjects, providing ample opportunities for students to pursue their academic interests. From humanities to sciences, Sejong University offers a diverse range of disciplines under its scholarship program.

Scholarship Benefits

Sejong University extends generous SUG Scholarships to international students pursuing Masters and PhD degrees. These SUG Scholarships aim to alleviate the financial burden and enable students to focus on their academic pursuits wholeheartedly.

Eligibility Criteria for SUG Scholarships

Eligible Nationalities

International Students from all corners of the globe are invited to apply for Sejong University Graduate Courses.

Language Requirements

As the medium of instruction is English, applicants need to fulfil certain language proficiency criteria:

  • IELTS: Minimum score of 5.5
  • NEW TEPS: Score of at least 328
  • TOEFL IBT: Minimum score of 71

Application Procedure

Embarking on the journey to Sejong University involves a systematic application process:

Online Application

Initiate your application process by filling out the online application form available on the university’s website.

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Documents Screening

Gather all essential documents required for the application process. These documents play a crucial role in determining your eligibility for the scholarship.


Shortlisted candidates will undergo an online interview as part of the selection process.

Admissions Decision

The selection committee meticulously evaluates each application, considering the documents submitted and the interview performance. The final decision regarding admissions will be announced on 28th June 2024.

Pay Tuition Fee

Upon acceptance, the university will provide an invoice for tuition fees. Ensure timely payment to secure your enrollment.

And the Semester Begins!

With tuition fees settled, you are all set to commence your academic journey at Sejong University.


SUG Scholarships present a golden opportunity for international students to pursue higher education in South Korea. With a rich academic environment, diverse subject offerings, and generous financial support, Sejong University stands as a beacon of academic excellence.


1. Can I apply for multiple scholarships at Sejong University simultaneously? Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships, but each scholarship requires a separate application.

2. Are there any specific GPA requirements for the scholarship? No, Sejong University does not specify a minimum GPA requirement for scholarship eligibility.

3. Is there any age limit for applying to these SUG Scholarships? No, there is no age limit. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you are welcome to apply.

4. Can I apply for the scholarship if I haven’t obtained my English proficiency test scores yet? Yes, you can apply, but you must ensure that you submit the required scores before the application deadline.

5. Are there any additional benefits or opportunities associated with these SUG Scholarships? In addition to financial support, Sejong University offers various opportunities for research, internships, and academic exchange programs to scholarship recipients.

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