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Ritsumeikan University Scholarships

Ritsumeikan University Scholarships: Your Path to Fully Funded Education in Japan!

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Wishing to pursue a PhD or Master’s degree in Japan with full funding? Your lucky break might come from the Ritsumeikan University Scholarships 2024! Come along as we investigate this wonderful opportunity.

About Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan University, a centre of learning located in Kyoto, Japan, was established in 1900. It is widely recognized as the top private university in Japan, with 35,000 students worldwide. Given its global reach, QS World Rankings position it as a top option for a diverse student body.

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Ritsumeikan University Scholarships Details

  • Country: Japan
  • Level: Master’s and PhD
  • Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligibility: International Students
  • Deadline: open now

MEXT Scholarships Unveiled

Unlock a “full-ride” scholarship with the MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship. Let’s delve into the steps to secure this golden opportunity.

Educational Mission and Vision

Ritsumeikan University aims to nurture ethical global citizens. Rooted in freedom and innovation, it echoes the postwar chancellor’s call to “believe in the future, live for the future.”

Club Activities

Over 450 clubs await you at Ritsumeikan! Whether sports or hobbies, join the fun. Check the International Center for options.

Student Support

International students find comfort in dormitories in Kyoto, Shiga, and Osaka. Information is available in English and Japanese for a smooth transition.

Housing Guarantor System

Choosing an apartment made it easy! Ritsumeikan recommends a guarantor company, ensuring a stress-free start to your studies.

Scholarship Coverage

The Ritsumeikan University MEXT Scholarship 2024 covers tuition, air travel, and more. Dive into this youth opportunity!

Application Procedures and Forms

Download forms from the official website. Follow the timeline from application to enrollment for a successful journey.

General Schedule From Application To Enrollment

Submit applications to Ritsumeikan University. Jan–Feb 2024: Admissions results announced. Feb–Mar 2024: Scholarship recommendations submitted to MEXT. Jul–Sep 2024: Scholarship notifications and the Fall Semester begin on Sep 26, 2024.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the MEXT Scholarship, meet criteria like nationality, age, and health. The university calculates your GPA; required documents include transcripts and letters of recommendation.

Required Documents for Ritsumeikan University Scholarships

Prepare a comprehensive set of documents, including application forms, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Application Deadline

Don’t miss the boat! The last date to apply for Ritsumeikan University Scholarships is now open.

How To Apply?

Visit the official website for detailed information on Joint Ritsumeikan University Scholarships. Explore faculty profiles, research initiatives, and community service programs. Your Ritsumeikan journey starts here!


1. Q: What is the deadline for applying for Ritsumeikan University Scholarships 2024?

  • A: The deadline for applications is now open.

2. Q: Can international students apply for the MEXT Scholarship at Ritsumeikan University?

  • A: Yes, the scholarship is open to international students.

3. Q: How long is the master’s program covered by the scholarship?

  • A: The master’s program lasts for two years under the Ritsumeikan University MEXT Scholarship.

4. Q: Is there an application fee for the Ritsumeikan University Scholarships?

  • A: No, there is no application fee for students applying for the scholarship.

5. Q: Are there dormitories available for international students at Ritsumeikan University?

  • A: Yes, there are international student dormitories at different campuses.

6. Q: What documents are required for the MEXT Scholarship application?

  • A: Required documents include transcripts, letters of recommendation, and application forms.

7. Q: Can I apply for the scholarship without an IELTS score?

  • A: No, the Ritsumeikan University MEXT Scholarship requires completion of the IELTS.

8. Q: Are there specific eligibility criteria for the MEXT Scholarship?

  • A: Yes, eligibility includes nationality, age, and good physical and mental health.

9. Q: What does the MEXT Scholarship cover?

  • A: The scholarship covers tuition, air travel, and various living expenses.

10. Q: How can I check my application status after submission?

  • A: You can check your application status on the official Ritsumeikan University website or contact the admissions office.
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