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Coolidge Scholarship and Other Meritorious Programs
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In the competitive landscape of academic achievement, several merit-based scholarships stand out, providing exceptional students with opportunities to pursue higher education. One such distinguished scholarship is the Coolidge Scholarship, an annually awarded, full-ride presidential scholarship that spans four years of undergraduate study. Let’s delve into this scholarship’s details and explore other notable merit-based programs that share a commitment to academic excellence.

Coolidge Scholarship: A Gateway to Educational Excellence

The Coolidge Scholarship distinguishes itself as a non-partisan, need-blind program, welcoming applicants from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines. Open to high school juniors, this prestigious scholarship covers tuition, room, board, and expenses, ensuring a comprehensive financial support system for the recipients throughout their undergraduate journey.

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Application Process and Criteria

Prospective Coolidge Scholars undergo a rigorous application process during their junior year of high school. Finalists, chosen based on academic excellence, are invited to the Coolidge Historic Site in Vermont for a finalist weekend. The main criterion for selection is academic prowess, with secondary criteria including a demonstrated interest in public policy, an appreciation for values championed by President Coolidge, humility, and a commitment to service.

Immersive Experience for Scholars

Once selected, Coolidge Scholars spend orientation days at the birthplace of President Coolidge in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, during the summer before their senior year. This experience provides scholars with insights into Coolidge’s world and involves their participation in the Coolidge Foundation’s debate programs. Additionally, scholars return to Plymouth Notch for a week each summer during their college years.

Coolidge Senators: Recognizing Excellence

While only a few students receive the prestigious Coolidge Scholarship, the top 100 applicants are honored as “Coolidge Senators.” These senators are invited to an all-expenses-paid Senators Summit in Washington, D.C., where they explore the nation’s capital, learn about President Coolidge, and connect with high achievers from across the country.

Coolidge Merit Exchange: Bridging Academic Excellence

Acknowledging that the Coolidge Scholarship is not the sole recognition of academic merit, the Coolidge Foundation directs students to other distinguished scholarship programs that share a commitment to rewarding academic excellence.

Morehead-Cain Scholarship: A Unique Undergraduate Experience

Another notable scholarship, the Morehead-Cain Scholarship, offers a distinctive undergraduate experience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Covering the full cost of attendance, this four-year merit scholarship focuses on leadership, moral force of character, scholarship, and physical vigor as its selection criteria.

Cameron Impact Scholarship: Rewarding Excellence in Various Domains

The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation awards the Cameron Impact Scholarship, a four-year, full-tuition, merit-based undergraduate scholarship. Exceptional high school students demonstrating excellence in academics, extracurricular activities, leadership, and community service are eligible for this prestigious scholarship.

Robertson Scholarship: A Comprehensive Program

Providing a four-year scholarship covering tuition, room, board, and mandatory fees at Duke University or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Robertson Scholarship emphasizes leadership ability, intellectual curiosity, strength of character, and a collaborative spirit as its selection criteria.

Levine Scholarship: Fostering Civic Engagement

The Levine Scholars Program offers a four-year scholarship at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, including full tuition, room, board, and a grant for a service project. Civic engagement is at the core of this program, shaping students into versatile intellects, thoughtful leaders, and compassionate humanitarians.

Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship: Unlocking Educational Opportunities

Designed as a full four-year, merit-based high school scholarship, the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship enables highly able middle school students to explore and access unlimited high school and early college opportunities that align with their individual needs and goals.

Jefferson Scholarship: Merit Recognized at the University of Virginia

Awarded based on merit, the Jefferson undergraduate scholarship covers the entire cost of attendance for four years at the University of Virginia. This comprehensive award includes an annual stipend to cover room, board, academic fees, and additional enrichment experiences.

Boston University Trustee Scholarship: Recognizing Academic and Leadership Abilities

The Trustee Scholarship at Boston University stands as the university’s most prestigious merit-based award. It acknowledges students who have demonstrated outstanding academic and leadership abilities, covering full undergraduate tuition and fees for four years.

Lyceum Scholars Program: Exploring Principles of a Free Society

Facilitated through the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism at Clemson University, the Lyceum Scholars program focuses on high intellectual caliber, academic achievement, intellectual engagement, and an interest in the subject matter. Scholars receive a $10,000 scholarship to be used over four years.

Stamps Scholars Program: Supporting Scholars Across the U.S.

The Stamps Foundation funds multi-year, undergraduate scholarships at nearly 40 partner schools across the U.S. Stamps Scholars are selected based on academic merit, leadership potential, and exceptional character.

Carson Scholars Program: Recognizing Academic Excellence and Humanitarian Values

The Carson Scholars Fund awards $1,000 college scholarships to students in grades 4 through 11 who excel academically and show dedication to serving their communities. Scholarships are solely based on academic achievement and humanitarian values.

Coolidge Scholarship Application and Selection Criteria

The submission deadline for the 2024 Coolidge Scholarship application has passed. The primary criterion for Coolidge Scholars is academic excellence, focusing on a distinguished academic record and uncommon depth of intellectual curiosity. Secondary criteria include an interest in public policy, an appreciation for Coolidge values, humility, and a commitment to service.

Recommendation Guidelines and Submission Instructions

Individuals providing recommendations for Coolidge Scholarship applicants are advised to include specific details about the applicant’s qualifications, including relevant examples. The letter should not exceed 1,200 words and must be submitted as a PDF or Microsoft Word file.

Eligibility Requirements and FAQs

Eligible applicants for the 2024 Coolidge Scholarship must intend to enrol full-time at an accredited U.S. college or university for the first time in fall 2025. Citizenship or legal permanent residency in the U.S. is a prerequisite, and applicants cannot be immediate family members of current employees or trustees of the Coolidge Scholars Program or the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or troubleshooting assistance, individuals can reach out to Rob Hammer, the Director of the Coolidge Scholarship, at [email protected] or by phone at 202-827-4291. Postal correspondence can be directed to the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 97, Plymouth, Vermont 05056.

Applying for the Coolidge Scholarship

To apply for the Coolidge Scholarship, interested individuals can visit for more information and follow the submission instructions provided.



  1. Q: Who is eligible for the Coolidge Scholarship?
    • A: High school juniors planning to enroll full-time at a U.S. college or university in fall 2025.
  2. Q: Can international students apply for the Coolidge Scholarship?
    • A: No, the scholarship is only open to U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.
  3. Q: What criteria are considered for Coolidge Scholars selection?
    • A: Primary criteria include academic excellence, with secondary emphasis on public policy interest, Coolidge values, humility, and service.
  4. Q: How do Coolidge Senators differ from Coolidge Scholars?
    • A: Coolidge Senators are the top 100 applicants, invited to an all-expenses-paid Senators Summit in Washington, D.C.
  5. Q: Are letters of recommendation co-written or signed by multiple individuals allowed?
    • A: No, letters must be from a single individual and no longer than 1,200 words.
  6. Q: What is the submission deadline for the 2023-24 Coolidge Scholarship application?
    • A: The submission deadline for the 2023-24 application has passed.
  7. Q: Can current high school juniors taking college courses apply for the Coolidge Scholarship?
    • A: Yes, they are eligible as long as they plan to enroll full-time in fall 2025.
  8. Q: Is there an age limit for Coolidge Scholarship applicants?
    • A: No specific age limit, but applicants must be high school juniors planning to start college in fall 2025.
  9. Q: How can one troubleshoot issues with the Coolidge Scholarship application?
  10. Q: Can a current high school senior intending to take a gap year apply for the Coolidge Scholarship?
  • A: No, only current high school juniors intending to enroll full-time in fall 2025 are eligible to apply.
  1. Q: What is the contact information for the Coolidge Scholarship program?
    • A: For inquiries, you can reach Rob Hammer, Director of the Coolidge Scholarship, at [email protected] or 202-827-4291.
  2. Q: Can I send postal correspondence to the Coolidge Scholarship program?
    • A: Yes, you can mail inquiries or documents to the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 97, Plymouth, Vermont 05056.
  3. Q: How can I apply for the Coolidge Scholarship?
  4. Q: I forgot my password for the Coolidge Scholarship portal. What should I do?
    • A: Click “Forgot your password?” on the portal login page and follow the prompts to reset your password.
  5. Q: Is there a specific person to contact regarding troubleshooting assistance?

    • A: For troubleshooting assistance, please email [email protected], and they will provide the necessary support.

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