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Postgraduate Awards at Auckland Law School

Postgraduate Awards at Auckland Law School
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Welcome to the comprehensive guide on the prestigious Postgraduate Awards offered by Auckland Law School. In this article, we will delve into the details of these awards, including the applicable study programs, closing dates, award values, selection procedures, and how to apply. By providing in-depth information, we aim to outrank other websites and ensure you have all the necessary insights to pursue a Masters degree at Auckland Law School.

  • Funding: Partial Funding
  • University: University of Auckland
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subjects: Law, Legal Studies, Taxation
  • Students: International Students
  • Study in: New Zealand
  • Last Date: 06/30/2023

Applicable Study Programs

The Postgraduate Awards at Auckland Law School are specifically designed to support academically outstanding students pursuing a Masters degree in the following study programs:

  1. Master of Laws (LLM)
  2. Master of Legal Studies (MLS)
  3. Master of Taxation Studies (MTaxS)

These esteemed programs offer students a comprehensive understanding of law, legal systems, and specialized knowledge in taxation. The Auckland Law School is renowned for its academic excellence, providing a conducive environment for advanced legal studies.

Closing Dates and Award Value

To ensure your timely application, it is crucial to be aware of the closing dates for these prestigious awards. The Postgraduate Awards at Auckland Law School have two application deadlines:

  1. 30th January of every academic year.
  2. 30th June of every academic year.

It is recommended to submit your application well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush or potential delays. The value of each award is NZ$10,000, which serves as significant financial assistance to cover a substantial portion of your study costs.

Number of Awards and Tenure

Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards are highly competitive and limited in number. The school offers up to five awards each academic year, ensuring a select group of deserving students receives this prestigious recognition. Each award has a tenure of one year, providing recipients with the necessary financial support throughout their postgraduate studies.

Purpose and Establishment of the Postgraduate Awards

The Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards were established with the primary objective of encouraging and supporting academically outstanding students to pursue postgraduate degrees in law. The awards aim to recognize the scholarly achievements and potential of students interested in Master of Laws, Master of Legal Studies, and Master of Taxation Studies programs at Auckland Law School.

Selection Procedure and Academic Merit

The selection process for the Postgraduate Awards at Auckland Law School is meticulous and thorough. The Dean of Law, or their nominee, plays a pivotal role in the selection committee and ultimately decides the recipients of the awards. The selection is primarily based on academic merit, ensuring that deserving candidates who have demonstrated exceptional scholarly abilities are granted this esteemed recognition.

Additional Information and Admission Requirements

Once an award is offered, it is essential for the awardee(s) to fulfill all the admission requirements for one of the University of Auckland’s law postgraduate degree programs. Only after meeting these prerequisites can the recipient avail themselves of the Postgraduate Law Award.

It is crucial to note that the awardee(s) must enroll and commence their studies in the semester immediately following the award of the Postgraduate Law Award. However, in exceptional circumstances, applicants may seek approval from the Dean of Law for a deferred commencement date, provided valid justifications are provided.

How to Apply for Postgraduate Awards

To apply for the prestigious Auckland Law School Postgraduate Award, follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare the required documents, which include:
    • Copies of your official university transcripts, encompassing the grades of all completed courses. Please note that successful applicants will be required to provide paper copies of their transcripts before the awards are confirmed.
    • A current CV (Curriculum Vitae), highlighting your educational background, professional experience, and any relevant achievements.
    • A cover letter expressing your motivation, academic goals, and how the Postgraduate Award will contribute to your future aspirations.
    • The names and contact details of two academic referees who can vouch for your academic abilities and potential.
  2. Once your application documents are complete, email them to the following address:
    Attention: Executive Assistant to the Dean
  3. Ensure that your application reaches the specified email address before the closing dates, which are 30th January and 30th June of every academic year.

Postgraduate Awards Conditions

While the Auckland Law School Postgraduate Award is a prestigious recognition, there are certain conditions that awardees must adhere to:

  1. The award cannot be held concurrently with another University of Auckland Masters/Honours/PGDip Scholarship or any other award or grant unless the regulations for that award or grant explicitly permit it, and the Dean of Auckland Law School (or nominee) agrees.
  2. Successful recipients of the award are not permitted to cross-credit courses from other universities into the postgraduate program they are enrolled in. This condition ensures the integrity and exclusivity of the academic curriculum offered by Auckland Law School.

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In conclusion, the Postgraduate Awards at Auckland Law School present a unique opportunity for academically outstanding individuals to pursue advanced legal studies in prestigious Master’s programs. With the generous financial assistance provided, along with the recognition of academic excellence, these awards aim to foster the development of future legal professionals. By offering a comprehensive understanding of law, legal studies, and taxation, Auckland Law School equips its students with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their legal careers.

To learn more about the postgraduate Law programs offered by Auckland Law School and explore the application process, we recommend visiting their official website. Don’t miss the chance to be part of a vibrant academic community dedicated to excellence in legal education and research.

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