Murdoch University Offers Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships for Postgraduate Veterinary Studies

Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships for Postgraduate
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The prestigious Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships for the academic year 2024–2025 are now open for applications at Murdoch University. These awards were made in memory of the late Dr. Jolyn Tan, a well-known figure in animal care. They are meant to help and educate people who want to become leaders in veterinary science.

Murdoch University, which has been around since 1973, is a shining example of academic success in Australia. It has become known as one of the best study institutions in the country thanks to its dedication to research and new ideas. With over 23,000 students and 1,700 staff members from 90 different countries, the university has a very diverse community.

Brief Description

Information Details
University or Organization Murdoch University
Department veterinary
Course Level Postgraduate
Application Deadline 10 March 2024
Award $4,000
Nationality International
The award can be taken in Australia

Murdoch University is an esteemed institution that provides postgraduate scholarships for international students. The scholarship offers a financial award of $4,000 to support students in their academic pursuits. This scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for students who are looking to further their education in Australia. The application deadline for this scholarship is March 10, 2024, and interested students are encouraged to apply before the deadline. Murdoch University has a strong reputation for academic excellence, and this scholarship is a testament to the university’s ongoing commitment to providing students with the best possible education.

Opportunities for Aspiring Veterinarians

International graduate students who want to get a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree at Murdoch University can apply for the Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships. Those who want to apply must be in their fifth year of the DVM program and have done well in school. Applicants should also say that they are very interested in either the Large Production Animals or Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) paths in the veterinary field.

Eligibility and Application Process

Applicants from any country are welcome to submit an application for this prestigious grant. To be considered, applicants must fill out the online application form and send in a personal statement of no more than 500 words that describes their academic achievements and job goals. Applications must be turned in by March 10, 2024.

Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships Details and Benefits

Those who are chosen to receive the Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships will receive $4,000. In two instalments of $2,000 each, the money will be sent straight to the recipient’s chosen bank account. The scholarship is good for one year, especially for the first semester of the school year.

How to Apply and Contact Information

In order to apply for the grant or find out more about it, people should go to the university’s website. For more information, you can email Jillian Shiels at [email protected] or call 08 9360 7438. She is the official contact person for the Dr. Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarship fund.


In conclusion

The Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships are a great chance for people who want to become vets to follow their passion for caring for animals and make a real difference in the field. Murdoch University is still committed to training the next generation of leaders in veterinary science. It does this by focusing on academic success and honoring Dr. Tan’s legacy. You can start the process of becoming a veterinarian right now by applying.


  1. What is the Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships?

    • The scholarship honours Dr. Jolyn Tan’s dedication to animal care by providing financial support to postgraduate students in veterinary studies.
  2. Who is eligible to apply for the Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships?
    • Full-time international postgraduate students commencing their 5th year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program are eligible.
  3. How much is the Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships award?
    • The Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships offers an award of $4,000, disbursed in two instalments of $2,000 each.
  4. What are the application deadlines?
    • The application deadline is March 10, 2024.
  5. Can international students apply for the Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships?
    • Yes, the scholarship is open to students of all nationalities.
  6. What are the required documents for the application?
    • Applicants need to complete an application form and submit a personal statement detailing academic achievements and career aspirations (maximum 500 words).
  7. How are scholarship recipients selected?
    • Recipients are chosen based on academic achievement, commitment to veterinary science, and alignment with the scholarship’s focus areas.
  8. Is the Dr Jolyn Tan Memorial Scholarships renewable for multiple years?
    • The scholarship is awarded for one year only, specifically for Semester 1 of the academic year.
  9. How can I contact the scholarship administrator?
  10. Are there specific academic requirements for applicants?

    • Applicants must demonstrate a record of high achievement in previous academic years and express interest in specific veterinary pathways.
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