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STEM Guides for Students to Study UK Scholarships

STEM Guides for Students to Study UK Scholarships

Studying in the UK is your opportunity to gain the skills, outlook, and confidence you need to fulfil your potential.
But where do you start?
We're excited to bring you the Scholarships and Studying STEM in the UK guides to give you all the information you need about choosing a university, finding the right course, understanding the application process, finding scholarships and funding, applying for UK visa, IELTS, post-study work opportunities, and more.

Scholarships Guide

A comprehensive guide that contains a list of general scholarships for students to apply for across various subjects and levels and some quick tips on winning scholarships. Some useful advice around applying to and studying in the UK, information on student visas, IELTS, and some exciting alumni stories that will give you first-hand accounts of pursuing and successfully winning scholarships to study in the UK, will ensure you are well-prepared with your UK applications.
We have also featured a few UK universities and colleges in the guide and their scholarships for students in the region, if you find that relevant for your course and needs. Do remember that almost all UK universities and colleges provide hundreds of scholarships worth millions of pounds to international students and you can find out about specific institutions and agencies offering funding in resources given inside this guide.
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Studying STEM in the UK

If you’re interested in studying a STEM subject in the UK and need more information on about applications and courses, then this guide is for you. This publication will help you understand more about how STEM subjects are approached at universities and colleges, the career paths open to you after finishing your course, as well as additional general information around student visas and IELTS. The alumni profiles will give you an idea of what to expect at a UK university studying STEM, and we hope the information in this guide will give you the confidence to achieve your dreams in the key area of STEM in the UK.
There are some featured university profiles as well which can be useful to go through so you understand the various options in STEM available to you. There are thousands of STEM courses and degrees available across the UK and the guide has lots of resources for you to explore these.
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