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International Scholarships for students Study Abroad (49)
International Scholarships for students Study Abroad (49)

Get A Scholarship In Australia Full Guide | International Students


welcome back to Scholarhunter.com, students hope all of you are doing amazing limit a lot of you have time and again requested us to publish article on get a scholarship in Australia, which are the scholarships, where to find them, how you can apply them.

So we have done the research for you and this article is just about the scholarship and surprisingly you can be eligible for full tuition fee and up to $30,000 living expenses there are total 200 million Australian dollars of scholarships available every year by the government if you want to know which are those scholarships how to apply them. Read full article I have to tell you that this is the first working space and biggest startup for international students anybody has ever seen that is going to enhance your international student experience in Australia.

So students be excited for that and let's dive into the article so that you can know which scholarships you have your platform so check it out so students if you're new to this website we publish article for students who are planning to come to Australia all the articles like jobs accommodation all the themes that happen in Australia so don't forget to bookmark Scholarhunter.com.

International Scholarships for students Study Abroad (40)

There are three things that you have to consider the first is before applying to university if you are applying through any education consultant or agent you have to go and tell them before applying for scholarship that you want to apply for University and scholarships.


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The reason why I'm saying this is because a lot of students get scholarships with their admission letter a lot of time they don't get it and then when they go back to their agents their agents have said and this is my friends experience that you didn't tell us that you wanted to apply for scholarships that's why we did not so before you apply you always should tell your education consultant or agent that you want scholarship if there is any possibility please let you know there are total 200 million Australian dollars of scholarships available every year by the government so students it is very likely that you actually might get the scholarship so don't forget to apply.

What you have to do is you have to go to https://www.studyaustralia.gov.au that is a government website where you can find a lot of information about studying in Australia then you have to click on Australian education and on the left hand side you'll see a tab that is written scholarships and then you have to click on View all students there are more than 700 scholarships that you could be eligible for do you have to see which all are the scholarships that you are eligible for then there is list of all the institutes field of education and which are the scholarships that is available a lot of these scholarships are partial scholarships which means that you'll be getting $1,000 $2,000 $5,000 every semester deduction in your fees so students that is very important because once you're here if somebody's giving you scholarship $5,000 that is the government you have to take benefit of that.

So once you do that application process will be on the University website so on this portal you'll get to know which are the applications and which are the scholarships that you are eligible for once you have done that you have to go on the University website and apply through University all these scholarships will be available on University website so students don't take this lightly go to the University website take some time out and write a proper application so when you get the scholarship it is the best feeling in the world and coming back to the last part that is how can you get full fees deduction air tickets and money for your living expenses and to buy books sounds like a dream doesn't it but students it is possible what you have to do is first go to dfat.gov.eu and on that you have to go to Australia Awards scholarships now you have to see all the participating institutes and participating countries once you have seen participating country and your country is in those countries you have to check the opening and closing dates whether Australian government is offering any scholarships for this specific here now one thing that you have to remember that they give you full scholarship but a condition you have to leave the country.

After your education and you cannot return to the country for at least two years so that's the condition students so if you are coming here just to study not to live here or to earn this is the chance for you apply for the scholarship and if you get it everything all the expenses will be paid so there's another thing that you have to check whether you are eligible for this or not is to check the focus group a lot of time what happens it's not every field of study is eligible in this focus group so if you're coming for business you may or may not be eligible for this scholarship so don't forget to take that into consideration now important part how to apply for this scholarship so what you have to do is you can apply from your home country first of all you have to go to https://www.dfat.gov.au register for the scholarship and fill out all your details now if while uploading all the documents if your documents are not in English you'll have to get all of those translated apply as early as possible so that you don't miss out on deadlines and they have more time to review your application because this is very important it's like every expenses and tuition fee is paid off.

Also last thing that I recommend is that you should go through the handbook it gives you all the terms and conditions everything obviously we cannot cover in the video but once you go through it you'll realize how important it is what are the terms and conditions and whether you actually want to apply for this scholarship or not students that's pretty much it those are the three things that you have to check for applying to scholarships now I want you students to tell me when are you planning to come to Australia so that we get to know whether we'll be able to help you out through scholarhunter.com so students write it in the comment section when you are planning to come to Australia on Scholarship.

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