The Kans and Kandy Scholarship for Women at Northumbria University

The Kans and Kandy Scholarship for Women at Northumbria University

Empowering Futures Through Education

In an exciting collaboration, Northumbria University joins hands with The Kans and Kandy Charitable Trust to present a golden opportunity for aspiring postgraduate students. The Kans and Kandy Scholarship, exclusively tailored for women, is set to make a significant impact by awarding £2,000 to five deserving individuals embarking on their one-year degree program in September 2024.

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About The Kans and Kandy Group

Bridging Values with Action

Founded in the year 2000, The Kans and Kandy Group operates with a purpose deeply rooted in their B Corp Certification. The group boasts three distinct divisions, with its property arm, Kans and Kandy Property, taking the lead. Noteworthy is their commitment to collaborating with tenants spearheading eco-friendly initiatives, including sustainable energy projects and high-volume plastic recycling.

Scholarship Overview

Investing in Academic Excellence

  • University or Organization: Northumbria University
  • Department: NA
  • Course Level: Postgraduate
  • Award: £2,000
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Number of Awards: 5
  • Nationality: UK/Home applicants with ‘Home’ fee status
  • Location: UK

Eligibility Criteria

Charting the Path for Women Leaders

  • Eligible Countries: UK/Home applicants
  • Acceptable Courses or Subjects: Business Analytics MSc, Business and Management MSc, Global Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management MSc, Disaster Management and Sustainable Development MSc, Mathematics MSc
  • Admissible Criteria:
    • Open to women
    • Must be a self-funded student
    • Apply for a specified full-time program starting in September 2024
    • Comply with terms and conditions and accept the offer
    • Fees must not be paid through a sponsorship arrangement
    • Recipients not eligible for other Northumbria Postgraduate Scholarships
    • Northumbria Alumni, if selected, also qualify for the Alumni Discount

Application Process

Seizing the Opportunity

  • How to Apply: Submit your application online before the deadline (16:00 on Friday, September 6, 2024)
  • Admission Requirements: Fulfill the admission criteria for the selected full-time program.

Benefits of The Kans and Kandy Scholarship

A Finely Crafted Support System

  • The scholarship entails a cash sum of £2,000.
  • Distribution: 25% in November 2024, 25% in February 2025, and 50% in May 2025.

Responsibilities and Considerations

Nurturing Recipients’ Success

Successful candidates are required to:

  • Send a thank-you letter and progress updates to the donor.
  • Failure to provide updates may result in scholarship withdrawals.
  • Deferring the place will lead to the withdrawal of the scholarship.
  • If a recipient leaves the course post-scholarship payment, the university will not seek reimbursement.
  • Northumbria University reserves the right to withdraw the scheme at any point.
  • The university’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Apply Now

Intrigued by this opportunity? Act swiftly! Apply online before the deadline on Friday, 6th September 2024, and set your educational journey in motion.


As we champion the cause of education and gender equality, The Kans and Kandy Scholarship stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for aspiring women leaders. This initiative is not just a financial boost but a recognition of the potential within each applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Can I apply if I am not a woman?
    • A: Unfortunately, the scholarship is exclusively available to women applicants.
  2. Q: Is there an age limit for applying?
    • A: There is no specified age limit; all eligible candidates are encouraged to apply.
  3. Q: Can I apply for more than one program?
    • A: No, each applicant can only apply for one of the specified full-time programs.
  4. Q: What happens if I defer my place after receiving the scholarship?
    • A: Deferring your place will result in the withdrawal of the scholarship offer.
  5. Q: Are international students eligible for The Kans and Kandy Scholarship?

    • A: No, the scholarship is only available to UK/Home applicants.

In closing, the Kans and Kandy Scholarship not only fosters academic brilliance but also embodies a commitment to fostering empowered women leaders. As a beacon of educational support, it invites aspiring scholars to step into a future where their potential knows no bounds. Seize this chance, embark on your journey, and let the transformative power of education shape your destiny. Apply now and be part of a community that celebrates and champions the success of women in academia.

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